Complicated And High-Asset Divorce Or Custody Issues

Every divorce poses challenges. It can be even more complicated if there are a large number of assets, a business or perhaps a high-profile public personality. With this in mind, parents must be particularly careful from a family and financial perspective to make sure that mistakes are avoided, particularly expensive ones.

Attorney Donald L. Nageleisen has extensive experience working with families with complicated financial situations. While he brings in expert accountants to evaluate the estate, it takes a unique type of attorney, one that understands a spreadsheet filled with bank accounts, a stock portfolio, retirement accounts, property, art and jewelry, as well as unique assets that may be hard to put a value on. Perhaps a spouse is not being forthright with information: This can lead to headaches for both sides, but it is crucial that a lawyer be able to sniff out misbehavior. Donald L. Nageleisen can do this and much more.

Issues To Consider In Complicated Divorces

People with complicated lives often have complicated divorces. Here are some issues to consider if this is the case for you:

  • Asset protection: While each side is legally bound to divulge all assets, there are still certain steps that can be taken to maintain or allow you access to assets.
  • Professional standing: Divorce or other family law issues can adversely affect the career of public figures (such as politicians) and others.
  • Privacy: Litigation means going to court. While some documents can be sealed, celebrities, athletes and others going through a high-profile divorce can become the fodder for the gossip mill.
  • Handling the details: Divorce can take a lot of time, particularly if it involves litigation. A knowledgeable attorney can handle the legal issues and leave their clients to focus on his or her career.
  • Custody: It is important that the children are cared for. Nevertheless, some parents have demanding jobs that create additional issues beyond the general child care plan. Doctors who work inconsistent schedules or professional athletes will need to make special arrangements.
  • Holding on to your business: If a business owner built up a company while married, perhaps they are even partners in the business. Valuing and dividing a business can be extremely complicated.

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