Effective Criminal Defense

You need a strong and effective attorney ready for trial if you face criminal charges. Whether our clients are facing misdemeanor possession or a capital offense like murder, The Law Firm of Donald L. Nageleisen P.L.L.C. will aggressively defend your legal rights and liberties. This ensures the best possible outcome in your case.

Many lawyers talk about their courtroom experience, but few can match our founder's body of work, which includes an estimated 20,000 trial cases since he began practicing at the state and federal level in 1989. Donald L. Nageleisen's experience and proven record of success with even the most challenging cases make him a tremendous asset to his clients and a formidable opponent for the prosecution.

The Criminal Defense Services We Provide

If convicted, you could face penalties that are a severe and life-changing combination of jail, probation, fines and other penalties. We represent clients facing the following charges:

  • Criminal assault: A serious charge here in Kentucky, mitigating factors such as possession of a deadly weapon, degree of injury or the identity of the victim (such as law enforcement or a teacher) will affect the charges.
  • DUI defense: A conviction can affect your ability to work and multiple convictions have extremely serious penalties that increase with each conviction. It is best to fight these every step of the way.

  • Murder: The act of unlawfully taking the life of another individual is one of the most serious charges anyone can face.
  • Felony: These charges can mean long jail sentences or even death row.
  • White collar crime: These are federal crimes with aggressive prosecution that has a large pool of resources.
  • Drug violation: Trafficking and manufacturing often fall under federal jurisdiction and come with serious penalties. While possession will initially carry fines or other lesser penalties, repeat offenses add up quickly and each charge should be aggressively fought.
  • Sex offense: If convicted, your charges will follow you long after serving your sentence because of the stigma of the crime as well as registration of Sex Offender Registry.

We Protect Your Rights

We believe that the best criminal defense lawyers are the ones who steadfastly and tenaciously defend their clients. Protecting your rights in criminal court also takes an attorney who can think outside the box to find the best possible solution. Donald L. Nageleisen is considered a lawyer's lawyer by some, a maverick by others because of his creative legal thinking, but his proven record of success makes him an ideal attorney for anyone facing criminal charges in Fort Mitchell and all of Kentucky.

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