A Knowledgeable And Effective DUI Defense

Every driver makes mistakes. Deciding to drive after having a too much to drink is a common one, but the implications can be severe if you are pulled over. It is always important, however, to remember that not all is lost. Every driver is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

With nearly three decades as a practicing attorney, Donald L. Nageleisen has handled thousands upon thousands of DUI cases here in Kentucky. Never a criminal defense lawyer who backs away from a challenge, he has skill and experience to represent drivers who may even be facing charges of their second, third or fourth DUI. He understands that the penalties go up substantially with repeat offenders, and sentencing can include jail time and other life-changing penalties. Regardless of the charge and the circumstances behind it, he works aggressively toward the best possible outcome to your case to ensure that your rights were fully protected.

Important Issues The Defense Considers In Your DUI Case

Law enforcement officials are just as human as the rest of us and they make mistakes. We examine the circumstances behind the charges to see if the police made mistakes. These include:

  • Proper testing: Different field tests require different protocols to ensure that the driver's rights are protected. The test can be inaccurate if it was not properly administered.
  • Proper maintenance of equipment: The Breathalyzer or other testing device will not give an accurate reading if it is not properly maintained.
  • Probable cause: The law officer must have a reason for pulling you over.

A Lawyer Can Make A Difference

Drivers facing drunk driving charges are looking at serious penalties that include the loss of your driver's license, which could affect your ability to get to work or perform your job. There are also other penalties like time in jail, required classes or alcohol treatment as well as fines. Once you get your license back, your auto insurance premiums will likely go up substantially. With in-depth knowledge of the law as well as a skilled courtroom defense, Donald L. Nageleisen will work toward dismissing or lowering the charges.

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