A Strong Advocate For The Injured

The Law Firm of Donald L. Nageleisen P.L.L.C. offers a wide variety of legal services, but helping the injured is another of our strengths at the firm. Whether it is negligence on the part of a fellow driver or unsafe conditions while shopping in a large store, our objectives are to protect the rights of the injured and to secure the most compensation possible for their injuries. Often this means going to court.

An experienced litigator who has worked on an estimated 20,000 court cases here in Kentucky, firm founder Donald L. Nageleisen has the experience to help any client with their personal injury matter. However, his aggressive approach to claims makes him particularly effective in the courtroom. We also have a team of experts to help reconstruct accidents and lend invaluable advice for strengthening your case, but Attorney Nageleisen does his own investigation of the facts, knowing that he may find evidence or information that was missed or glossed over by law enforcement or the other parties.

Common Examples Of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

We understand that every case is unique, so we sit down and listen to the client, and best understand the nature of their legal needs. Typically, we handle claims that fall into the following categories:

  • Car crashes: Distracted driving statistics continue to climb, causing injury and property damage.
  • Truck accidents: Crashes involving trucks can involve the most severe of injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries or even wrongful death.
  • Motorcycle crashes: Injuries are often severe, and the rules for claims are complicated and different from other motor vehicle accidents.
  • Premises liability: The owner or occupant has an obligation so guests can safely visit their premises, including using stairs and walkways. The host should also mark any obstacle that could cause slip, trip and fall injury.
  • Dog bites: Owners are liable for bites by their dogs as well as other domestic animals.
  • Medical malpractice or elderly abuse: Whether it is a conscious abuse or a lapse in judgment, health professionals are liable for their mistakes.

Your Road To Recovery Includes An Attorney

Personal injury lawyers can be a tremendous help to the injured and their families. The Law Firm of Donald L. Nageleisen P.L.L.C. staff can provide assistance by handling interaction with the insurance companies, find proper medical care if it is needed, and to build a strong argument for getting you all the compensation that you deserve from the negligent parties.

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