Helping Car Accident Victims

Cars are better engineered today. This means more effective safety features like air bags and computer sensors if another car veers into your lane, but there are also more gadgets like map displays and onboard computer screens. Of course, there are also drivers who insist on looking at their phone or device when they should have their eyes on the road. These distractions all add up to a rise in motor vehicle accident rates.

If you were involved in a car crash where you suspect or know that the other driver was distracted or at fault, it is important to speak with an effective personal injury lawyer like Donald L. Nageleisen. Our founder has a long and successful career in Kentucky getting substantial amounts of compensation for his satisfied clients who were victims in personal injury cases. His success is based on his willingness to take a claim to court, aggressively pursue compensation as well as his experience and knowledge in personal injury matters.

Common Injuries In Vehicle Accidents

Because we drive or ride in cars, people tend to forget how dangerous operating cars are. Common injuries due to crashes include the following:

  • Whiplash or spinal injury: The violence of a crash can twist, jar and/or seriously damage your neck and back.
  • Head trauma or traumatic brain injury: Seat belts and air bags are a great help, but your head can still hit a hard surface.
  • Broken bones: Fractures take time to heal, and complications may arise if it does not heal properly.
  • Trauma: No one ever forgets the violence of a car crash, and the results can sometimes be debilitating to the victim.
  • Wrongful death: Securing compensation for a family who loses a working parent or loved one can help them move on from the tragedy of their loss.

How Compensation Helps The Injured

People involved in a car accident can be seriously injured or even die. The costs of these life-changing events involve time away from work as well as expenses that may not be covered by insurance such as additional medical bills or expenses and replacement costs for your damaged property. You need a tenacious attorney who will fight for you and your family.

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