The Dangers Of Semitruck Accidents

Crashes involving semitrucks will often cause severe injury to other drivers and their passengers, and massive damage to property. These commercial vehicles are several times larger than the average car and can carry a payload of 80,000 pounds or more. This size differential and the magnitude of the accidents is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the U.S. Department of Transportation place clearly outlined safety standards on the trucking industry.

Located in Fort Mitchell, The Law Firm of Donald L. Nageleisen P.L.L.C. provides legal help and knowledgeable guidance to Kentucky drivers who are victims in crashes involving 18-wheelers. Since he began practicing law in 1989, firm founder Donald L. Nageleisen has gained extensive experience working in this area of personal injury. He understands the devastating nature of the accidents and knows all the strategic options that will give you the best chance for getting the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries For Victims In Truck Accidents

There are seldom minor injuries when an 18-wheeler is involved. Devastating injuries we often see include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): These violent injuries are extremely difficult to treat and many never fully recover from them.
  • Spinal cord injury: Back injuries are common in vehicle accidents and are typically much more severe if a semitruck is involved.
  • Paraplegia: Some injuries leave the victims with a permanent disability.
  • Wrongful death: This most tragic of outcomes in a crash can leave a family reeling, but it can also mean a financial hardship if the victim supported the family.

Trucking Cases Are More Complex

There are other factors at work with a commercial 18-wheeler accident. The liable party will be the trucking company, the driver, or another third party. A lawyer for the company will typically show up immediately at the site of the crash to start building a strong defense so they avoid paying compensation and claiming fault. Attorney Donald L. Nageleisen and our team of investigators will also go out to the crash site and conduct our own investigation to build a case for our client. We also will talk with the insurance companies and other parties involved, and we will take the claim to court if necessary for the best possible outcome. We do this so you or your injured loved one can focus on rehabilitation.

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